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League Regulations 2012

  Carbery-Beara Regional  Leagues

Regulation Governing League Fixtures and Match Results For 2012

1.        The first named team has HOME VENUE, and if same is not available the game shall be played at the opponent's venue or a neutral venue.

2.        A referee will be appointed for all league games but where the appointed referee fails to attend, agreement can be reached on a substitute referee by either tossing a coin or by agreement. The referee has to be a qualified referee with relevant training courses completed. Where only one recognised referee is present he shall be deemed responsible to referee the game.

  • Completed  team  sheet  to  be  given  to  referee prior to commencement of game
  • No substitute to enter the field of play without giving a substitute slip to the referee.


  • •1st Walkover -- €100  fine + awarding of points to opponents•
  • 2nd Walkover -- €100 fine, awarding of points to opponents + disqualification and €100 for each remaining league fixture.
  •  If a team travels to a ratified fixture and the home team fails to field, €100 expense will be due to the travelling team from the home team in addition to the unfulfilled fixture fine and the referee's expenses.

All fines to be paid before or at the last Board meeting (Where Leagues are on the agenda). Failure to pay fines will result in exclusion from league games and possible expulsion from the following season leagues.

Cancellation at unacceptable short notice will incur extra penalty on the defaulting team such as losing home advantage for remaining league fixtures, relegation for the following season or disqualification for the remaining of the league programme

4.        League points shall be as follow: 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Where Teams finish with equal points for qualification for the concluding stages, or for promotion or relegation, the tie shall be decided by the following means:

  • Where two teams only are involved - the outcome of the meeting of the two teams in the previous game in the Competition
  • Scoring difference (subtracting the total scores against from total scores for)    
  • Highest Total Score for.

(Exceptions: In relation to means (ii) and (iii) above, if the accumulated scores of a team, so involved, are affected by a disqualification, retirement or walkover, the tie shall be decided by a Play-off)

5.        If a club is disqualified or withdraws from a league its played games shall stand and its un-played games shall be awarded to the opposing teams. €100 fine for each remaining fixture.


  •  Requests for postponement or change of time in a league fixture to be made via email (followed by a text message) by the club secretary to relevant league co-ordinator and the Carbery Secretary at least 5 days prior to the original league fixture. When a postponement is sought a definite day must be agreed by both clubs for the re-fixture and submitted with the request for the postponement. (Failure to comply with this will result in postponement not being granted)
  • •If a fixture has to be postponed by the board due to a club involvement in a championship fixture. The league fixture will be re-arranged within 1 month.
  • In all cases league fixtures will take precedence over challenge games.


  • •All pitches to be properly lined and flagged.
  • • All teams in all league games should be numbered properly.
  • •Clubs are required to dress uniformly i.e. matching socks and shorts Rule 6.43 (f) (ii) and (iii)
  • •National flag to be flown at all League Games.
  • •Clash of Jerseys/Colours. Both clubs are required to wear their registered alternative colours or nominated other colours. R.L.C. to be informed of colours at least 5 days before the game.  


  • The Result Official of the home club is responsible for returning all match results. Results official will receive Text message regarding League fixture prior to game.  The results official should complete and return this message immediately after the game. This is to ensure results and League tables are kept up to date.


The progress of the leagues will be closely monitored at Board meetings (where leagues are on the agenda). These meetings will be held at regular intervals as determined by Regional Leagues Committee.  All out standing games will be adjudicated on at this Board meeting. The Chairman and Secretary will monitor the progress of all teams in all leagues on a regular basis.


       Clubs who fail to complete their league programme will be asked to give an explanation to the R.L.C.


Walkovers or conceding points to an opposing team will not be allowed in any circumstances in any league Competition in either Hurling or Football.

Points can only be awarded to a team once the fixtures has been made and the board notified, (in accordance with Rule 4) if a team then does not fulfil a fixture, the opposition may be awarded the points if the club brings this to attention of the R.L.C. in writing.

12.  DATES

The Start dates for all leagues 11th March and finish date for all leagues 7th October


Club Entry Fee €25 per game (Number of games to be finalised before the start of the league)



Carbery: Declan Walsh, John Corcoran, Donal Leahy, Patjoe Connolly, Jimmy O Sullivan

Beara: Michael Joe O Sulliva



Junior Football: Jimmy O Sullivan (087) 9076953

                             Michael Joe O Sullivan (086)2243744

Junior Hurling: John Corcoran (086)8518533