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Championship Regulations 2012

  Carbery Championships Regulations

Regulations Governing Championships Fixtures and Match Results For 2012


1.      Competing teams will be issued with passes which will gain them access to the Hosting Club Grounds as follows. Junior A (  ) Junior B (  ) Junior C/D (  ), U21A/B (  ), U21C (  )

2.       Teams should be numbered properly

3.      Clubs are required to dress uniformly i.e. matching socks and shorts. Rule 6.43 (f) (ii) and (iii)

4.      Official Team list to be supplied to referee prior to commencement of game

5.      The maximum number of Officials allowed into the pitch area for the game (including four Water Carriers (Football)/Water/Hurley Carriers (Hurling)) is to be 10 persons. There should be no exceptions to this rule. The host club should issue the relevant passes to an officer of competing clubs once they arrive at the venue.

6.      With the exception of the Bainisteoir, the Maor Foirne, the Medicial Officer and the four Water or Water/HurleyCarriers (Who are to be provided with distinguishing bibs by their club) - all other Substitutes and Officials, shall remain seated at all times during play. Where dugout are not big enough the host club should provide seats for the substitutes and Officials.

7.        The Bainisteoir may go along the sideline between the two 45m lines to issue instructions, after which he must return to the area in front of his own team's dug out. He must not enter the field for any purpose

8.        The Maor Foirne (who must be a selector) may enter the field via the Substitution Zone during a break in play (i.e. when the ball has gone out of play following a score or wide or a stoppage called by the Referee for a medical attention to an injured player), to issue instructions and exit the Pitch at the nearest endline/sideline and return to sit in his own team's dugout area. The Maor Foirne may not act as a Hurley/Water Carrier.

9.        Non Playing Officials to be over the age of 16.

10.    Injuries

A Team Medical Official only may, having obtaining the expressed permission of the referee (who may delegate authority to his linesmen), enter the field to examine an injured player. He is not at this point, to take a medical kit onto the field. No other Team Official shall enter the field of the Play for this purpose. The practice of a number of Team Officials running onto the field to examine an injury is strictly prohibited. Minor Injuries must be treated off the field.

11.    Four Water Carriers (Football) or Four Hurley/Water Carriers (Hurling) are permitted per team. Such carriers are to be positioned between the 20m and 65m. Water Carriers are not permitted to enter the field of the play. They may only approach the sidelines to dispense water to a player. In Hurling, Water/Hurley Carriers may enter the field with a replacement hurley, when necessary, but may not enter the field of play with water at any stage - they may only approach the sideline to dispense water.

12.    Substitutes Slips are to be presented by the Team Official to the linesman or 4th Official. Substitutions, according to Rule, may only be made break in play.

13.    Clash of Jerseys/Colours. Both clubs are required to wear their registered alternative colours or nominated other colours. C.C.C. to be informed of colours at least 5 days before the game.

14.    Both Teams are requested to be on the pitch 10 minutes before the start of the game.   


1.      National flag to be flown at all Championship Games.

2.      Pitch to be properly lined and flagged (as per Official Guide). For Health & Safety of players please ensure that the end-line/side-lines are at least 2 metres  from  the  perimeter  fencing  of  pitch.

3.      Hosting clubs to produce a programme for all Championship Games. Please ensure you include name of competition, competition sponsors name and logo where necessary, date, time & venue of game and full line-outs (as they will be numbered) in both Irish and English.  Club  to  have  access  to  stretcher  if  required  and  numbers  for  local  doctors  if  they  had  to  be  called.

4.      Scoreboard  to  be  fully  operational  at  all  Championship  games.

5.      Please  ensure  there  are  an  adequate  number  of  ticket  sellers  at  the  entrances  to  your  grounds.


A.I.B. BANDON, Bank Account No:  07101013 09 Sort Code 934046


7.      Only  2012 South  West  Junior Board  passes  can  be  used  to  gain  admittance  to  our  Championship  games (County Board  & Rebel Og  passes  are  not  valid  for  games  under  our  auspices)

8.      Please ensure there are enough of stewards/car parking attendants.


The Result Official of the host club is responsible for returning all match results. Results official will receive Text message regarding Championship fixture prior to game.  The results official should complete and return this message immediately after the game. This is to ensure results the website and Media are kept up to date.


1.      Referee  to  be  at  venue  in  good  time for  commencement  of  game.

2.      Referee to be on the pitch 10 minutes before the start of the game

3.      Referee  should  ensure  he  has  a  full complement of  officials - 2  linesmen (kitted  out  properly) & 4 umpires (with  white  coats).  All officials assisting a referee should be over the age of 16.


1.  If any club have a problem with a date/time proposed by C.C.C. or date/time ratified at a meeting.

  • Club are to contact their opponents about a new date. If agreement on a new date is reached. The new date is to be email to the secretary of the C.C.C. The C.C.C. will consider the new date. The new date will be granted provided the date doesn't interfere with the Board Championship Programme or clubs championship programmes. No agreement no change.

2.  If a club foresee a problem before C.C.C. put a date on a fixture. Notify the C.C.C. by email and contact your opponents.

3.  If agreement is reached on a new date. The new date is a refixture.

4.  No contact to be made with any member of the C.C.C. before contacting your opponents.